About me

I was born in Mataró, Barcelona. My professional career as a chemist and computer engineer has always been far from art until 2014, when I began my training in figurative painting and drawing with the artist José Ma Caamaño, and in Japanese painting, Sumi-e, with Kaoru Hirose. Since then I have attended different intensive courses at the European Museum of Modern Art of drawing and painting of the live figure as part of the Painter’s Program, and later to various workshops with great artists such as Felipe Alonso, Joshua LaRock, Irene Cuadrado , Alex Kanevsky, Catherine Kehoe, Jennifer Pochinski, Paco Lafarga, Antonio López, Alejandro Carpintero, among others.

Since then I have worked on commissioned works and have exhibited in national and international exhibitions and contests. My first solo exhibition, “Searches”, in 2020, collected representative works of each theme and, above all, of the different techniques with which I was experimenting in those first years.

In 2023, my second solo show, “Visions of the portrait”, focused in the different approaches I have used to create portraits of real or imaginated people, in a more or less realistic technique. See some of these works in my “Visions of the portrait” collection in this website.

Artistic statement

Although I continue experimenting through multiple techniques and themes, both in the field of drawing and painting, my main interest is the portrait and the figure. My painting tries to achieve an emotional representation of the person (or the animal) through realistic or imaginative details.

I don’t approach every job with the same technique. For certain paintings I follow a planned route to an expected result, mainly in oil paintings. However, in other works I let the work itself guide me through an intuitive layered technique, so that the result is more personal and also more interesting for the viewer. In these works I use a different mixed media technique depending on the range of textures and type of marks that each one requests. I believe that this type of work also allows me to better contact my own interior and express what the subject that I paint transmits to me.
Sobre mí
Sobre mí