Carmen Rey – About me

Carmen Rey was born in 1971 in Mataró, Barcelona. Her professional career as Chemist and related to Computer Science, was always far from the arts, until 2014, when she found her passion in painting, particularly in figurative realism, and began her training. Since then she has made portrait comissions and has exhibited in group exhibitions and competitions.

Although she has worked on other techniques, it is with oil painting that she can express herself better on her way to find her own artistic identity. Her main interest currently focuses on developing her own approach to represent the figure, and so the different aspects of humanity, as well as learning, inevitably, about her own.

On the other hand, in Japanese painting, Sumi-e, she finds a lesson on simplicity and the use of the brush’s own form in the stroke. It has also shown her the elegance of Chinese ink and Japanese motifs, and has helped her to deepen in some way in the inner life of things. She has collaborated as an assistant to her teacher, the artist Kaoru Hirose, to several of her workshops, such as those held at the Manga Exhibition in Barcelona 2017.

Carme Rey brief biography
With a degree in Chemistry, she has always worked in the pharmaceutical and computer systems’ areas.

Her artistic education starts at 2014 with the artist José Mª Caamaño in Mataró, and at 2015 with Kaoru Hirose in Barcelona, with whom she gets her Certification of the program of Sumi-e Japanese Painting in 2018, and starts the advanced program.

She attends since 2017 intensive workshops about oil portrait, cityscape, illustration, etc., with Joshua LaRock, Jacob Dhein, Jafet Blanch, Irene Cuadrado, Ismael Fuentes, Adrià Llarch and Felipe Alonso in Barcelona; and at MEAM, Modern Art European Museum, she assists to live drawing and painting figure courses, as part of the Painter’s Career program.

In addition to collaborating annually since 2016 in the group exhibitions of the Association Sant Lluc de Mataró in special formats “15×15” and “Bookmarks”, and in the “Open Museum” of shop windows of the city, she has exhibited at the following events, by dates:

Contests, Exhibitions and publications at 2019

  • Exhibition Sumi-e: Ink Japanese Painting, at Centre Cívic Sarrià in Barcelona.
  • Three works selected for exhibition at the XII Meeting of Realistic Painters and Sculptors, in Torrijos.
  • Three landscapes selected in the exhibition Art without Borders, in Plasencia.
  • Two portraits included in the book “La magie du 1er degré de Reiki” by the French author Christine Lamour.

Contests and Exhibitions at 2018

  • Online contest Art Fusion Women Artists, Quaterly Group Art Exhibition (Traditional Art Category) – Two artworks selected as Finalists (see link here).
  • Collaboration in the collective exhibition Expo Dona 2018 at Premiá, for the International Women’s Day
  • Two artworks selected for exhibition at the IX Group Exhibition of Realistic Painters and Sculptors, in Aranjuez
  • Article at the 1340ART International Art Magazine blog.
  • Published in the art book “Leonardo Guide 2018”, which gathers information about contemporary artists of around the world
  • Two artworks selected at the X Group Exhibition of Realistic Painters and Sculptors, in La Celestina Museum, in Puebla de Montalbán, Toledo
  • Exhibition of the two artworks selected at the XI Exhibition of Painters and Sculptors, in The Auditorium of Leon.
  • Exhibition of 5 artworks selected for “ARTEINFORMADA – Ibero-American art fai”, from Sep 15, 2018 to  Jan 7, 2019.
  • Artwork selected at the annual group exhibition Sant Lluc, in Mataró.
  • Selected at the 7th Paintnig Contest Humet-Saula in Calella.
  • Two artworks exhibited at the Parallax Art Fair in Chelsea Old Town Hall, London.
  • Selected for exhibition at the XXXII Sanvisens Contest of Painting of Sitges.
  • Selected for exhibition at the Portraits 2018 Online Contest by Gallery 25N.

Contests and Exhibitions at 2017

  • Sant Lluc Collective Exhibition
  • Online contest Art Fusion 3rd Annual Figures & Faces Art Exhibition – October 2017 (Traditional Category) – Two artworks selected as finalists (see link here)
  • Group “Exhibition of Japanese Art”
  • Selected for exhibition at the XXXI Painting Contest Sanvisens of Sitges
  • Honorable mention award at the Online contest Art Fusion Seasons (December 2017, Traditional Art Category) (see link here).

Artwork exhibited at 2016

  • Sant Pere at Can Tenas
  • Sant Lluc Collective Exhibition
  • Sumi-e Group Exhibition at Taller d’Art, Barcelona.