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Online Contest Art Fusion “Women Artists” 2018

In this quarterly art exhibition the artists, the selected artists, all of them women, from US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Philippines, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Zambia, Israel, Japan, Romania, Cyprus, Morocco, Armenia, India, Scotland, and R. Macedonia, summited artworks of any theme to  three categories (Traditional, Digital & Photography and 3-Dimensional). This year, due to the large amount of entries received, three Best In Show awards have been given, for the three categories,  instead of just one.

The online exhibition can be accessed in the web site from January 15th to April 14th, 2018. Carmen Rey has been selected as finalist with two portraits, oil on canvas,  “Tenderness” and “Portrait of Abel”.

Exhibition Sant Lluc 15×15 of 2017

The collective exhibition “15 x 15” of 2017 opens on December 15 in the building of the Association Sant Lluc per l’Art de Mataró. The exhibition will be open until January 28, 2018, and collects engravings, drawings, paintings and photographs of 60 of the members of the collective, in 15 x 15 cm format.

This year I collaborate with the artwork “Blue bird“, oil on paper.

These are some images of the exhibition:

More information about the inauguration or the exhibition, at the blog of Associació Sant Lluc per l’Art:

Awards in Fusion Art contests 2017

Fusion Art Seasons  – Diciembre 2017

En este concurso, los artistas seleccionados, procedentes de EE. UU., Canadá, Reino Unido, Australia, Filipinas, Corea del Sur, Italia, Austria y España, presentaron obras relacionadas con su interpretación de cualquiera de las cuatro estaciones del año.

En este certamen se otorgaron 8 menciones honoríficas, una de las cuales fue para Carmen Rey por su óleo “Su camino”. Se puede visitar la Página web de ganadores del mes con información acerca de los artistas premiados.

3rd Exposición Anual Figura & Retrato – Octubre 2017 (Categoría de Arte Tradicional)

El concurso internacional de Fusion Art “3rd Annual Figures & Faces” recibió obras de artistas de Estados Unidos, Canadá, Reino Unido, Letonia, Corea del Sur, Chipre, Israel, Australia, España, Rumania, Taiwán, Alemania, Eslovenia, Italia y Sudáfrica.

Carmen Rey resultó finalista con dos de sus obras: “Reflexiones y “Con el viento”.

Este es el video que recoge las obras ganadoras y finalistas de la categoría de Arte Tradicional.

XXXI Sanvisens Painting Contest, Sitges

On November 18th,  the XXXI Sanvisens Painting Contest, and XX Pere Jou Sculpture Competition were inaugurated at the Miramar Building in Sitges. More than 150 artworks were presented this year to the painting contest, and 66 of them were selected for their exhibition. The winners of both contests were announced during the opening, in a ceremony with a large audience. The exhibited works can be visited until January 14th, 2018.

I feel very honored to have been selected among the artists that have been able to exhibit in this contest, with the oil in canvas “Alone.

I am, as always, so grateful to my family and friends for their constant support.

“Sitges Actiu” provides more information about the exhibition and images of the artworks exhibited and winners, in their web site and Facebook. From those sources I take the following two images, which show the reading of the awards and the works of the 2nd painting prize Mª Gloria Cañado López , and the 1st prize Josep Manuel Aznar Díaz, whom I congratulate.

Japanese Art Exhibition

On the 10th November the Japanese Art Exhibition 2017 was inaugurated, including some Sumi-e artworks by the students of Kaoru Hirose, and the artist herself. The group exhibition will be open until 25th November at Restaurant Bar Cel Ona Cirera street, 4 in Barcelona.

Kaoru Hirose collaborated with two of her artworks:

These are pictures of the rest of the paintings exhibited:

Group Exhibition Sant Lluc 2017

The group exhibition Sant Lluc 2017 was inaugurated on Septembre 20th at the Sala Iluro in Mataró. The event was attended by representatives of Sant Lluc Association,  Foundation Iluro and the City Council of Mataró, and a large audience.

The exhibition includes works by 78 selected artists, plus the ones corresponding to art students, and the invited artist this year, the sculptor Agàpit Borràs. The exhibition with be open till Novembre 5th. For more information,  please see the Facebook page of Associació Sant Lluc.

I collaborated with the artwork  “With the wind“, oil on canvas, which appears in the image below with my friend Lidia, whom I thank so much for posing for it.

I’m very glad to be able to exhibit in this gallery again, and share this joy with my family and friends, whom I want to thank for their constant support.

As every year, a session was held in which the artists of the exposed works commented on their paintings or sculptures to the attendees, on October 22nd. It is very interesting to share with the rest of the artists and visitors the origin, technique, etc. used.

(Español) “Museo Abierto” de Mataró, 2017

The 6th edition of the Exhibition “Museu Obert” of Mataró opens today 10th May 2017, up to the 21th May. It has been organized by Unió de Botiguers of Mataró, the Association Sant LLuc per l’Art de Mataró and Bassat Collection of Contemporary Art of Catalonia, and for the first time, by Iluro Fundation as well.

The artists of the Association Sant LLuc Mataró per l’Art exhibit their works in the windows of 69 establishments in the city.

Carmen Rey collaborates with the artwork “Reflections”, oil on canvas, at “Sastrería Reyman”, in La Riera, nº 82 Mataró.

Detailed information in  the Facebook page of Sant Lluc Association.

Bookmarks Exhibition 2017

The exhibition of bookmarks organized annually by the association Sant Lluc of Mataró was inaugurated today April 8th 2017 in the premises of the association and will be open until May 7th. Each artist participates with two bookmarks created in any technique but based on Modernism and Puig i Cadafalch.

Materials, size and theme have brought an additional difficulty for me, so it has turned out to be a very interesting exercise.

I finally decided to paint in the following designs one of the figures and stained glass roofs of the Baró Cuadras de Barcelona palace, and the “Filosa”, an emblematic figure on the façade of the Casa Coll i Regàs de Mataró, with a part of the beautiful glass doors of the house:

Exhibition 15 x 15, 2016

The Group Exhibition “15 x 15”, 2016, starts on the 17th December at the room of the Sant Lluc Association, in Mataro. The exhibition will stay open until 22th January, 2017, and will gather artworks in format 15 per 15 cm.

This is the first time that I participate at the exhibition, and creating an artwork in such a small and squared format has been a very interesting challenge. I share here some of the attempts that I have created for the event.

I finally chose “Regrets”, a portrait based on a part of an old black and white photograph taken to some friends a long time ago by another great friend, María Larrousse:

More information about the inauguration at Sant Lluc Association blog:

Sumi-e Kai Exhibition in Barcelona

On the 21th October 2016 at 7 pm, the collective exhibition Sumi-e Kai was inaugurated, with artworks by the students of Kaoru Hirose, together with the students of the Taller d’Art school of art in Saguès street, number 35, Barcelona. The exhibition will be open until  the 28th October.

Carmen Rey collaborates with the artwork “The tree over the valley”.

The inauguration of Sumi-e was a celebration of the work done by the artists in the workshops organized by Kaoru, each of them exhibiting a work related to the topics covered with her, from the style and creativity of each author. These are some of the exhibited artworks: