Carmen Rey – About me

Carmen rey

From 2014, when I really discovered my passion for art for the first time, and thanks to José Mª Caamaño, my teacher, I learn about the transcendence of art beyond just technique, what is possible in painting, the way towards the beauty in the figure in particular, among all pictorical subjects. I have found in the portrait a way to try to reach the humanity of the person, which is the center of my artistic interest, specially through the depth of his or her gaze.

Regarding technique, oil painting is the medium that allows me to better express myself, more freely and deeply.

On the other hand, Sumi-e Japanese painting, by the hand of my teacher, artist Kaoru Hirose, taught me a path to simplicity, and the richness in the use of the brush.  It also showed me  the elegance of ink and Japanese motifs, and helped me in considering the inner life of things. It  has been an honor to be able to attend as her assistant to several of her workshops, such as those held in the Manga Exhibition in Barcelona 2017.

Carme Rey brief biography
With a degree in Chemistry, she works in the pharmaceutical and computers areas, mainly in the implementation and validation of computer systems in the regulated industry, and later, from Asfalia Consulting, where she is cofounder.

Her artistic education starts at 2014 with the artist José Mª Caamaño in Mataró, and at 2015 with Kaoru Hirose in Barcelona.

Since 2016, she collaborates in different exhibitions.

She attends since 2017 the intensive workshop “The portrait” with Joshua LaRock in Seville, the Course Oil Portrait, by Jafet Blanch at MEAM, Museu Europeu d’Art Modern, and live drawing and painting figure, as part of the course Painter’s Career.

Contests and Exhibitions at 2017

  • Bookmarks Exhibition – Palace Baró Cuadras and Casa Coll i Regàs
  • Open Museum – “Reflections”
  • Sant Lluc Collective Exhibition- “With the wind
  • Online contest Art Fusion 3rd Annual Figures & Faces Art Exhibition – October 2017 (Traditional Category) – Two artworks selected as finalists: “Reflections” and “With the wind” (see link here)
  • Group “Exhibition of Japanese Art” – “Roses and herbs”
  • Selected for exhibition at the XXXI Painting Contest Sanvisens of Sitges – “Alone”
  • Honorable mention award at the Online contest Art Fusion Seasons (December 2017, Traditional Art Category), with the artwork “Her journey” (see link here)
  • Group Exhibition “15×15” of Associació Sant Lluc of Mataró – “Blue bird”.

Artwork exhibited at 2016